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Is TM Compatible with Christianity?

In a conversation with another Christian, I was asked, “How can you be a Christian and practice TM?” Looking back over my life with all of its ups and downs I wonder, How could I even hope to live a truly Christ-like life if I didn’t practice the Transcendental Meditation*  technique?

The more deeply I look into the knowledge behind the TM program (presented in the emerging field of Maharishi Vedic Science*) the more parallels I see with what Jesus taught 2000 years ago as recorded in the scriptures. The TM program is not incompatible with Jesus’ teachings. Many Christians practicing the TM technique, on the basis of their inner experience and growth of consciousness, are being drawn to connect more deeply with their Christian heritage, some, like myself, after a period of lapse or estrangement from the traditional Church.

I have been so blessed by both of these traditions–Christian and Vedic–and find it fascinating to explore their common Source, intellectually and experientially. Ultimately there can only be one Source for all traditions of human knowledge and experience. Modern physics is making strides in this direction with advancements in Unified Field theory, an unmanifest field giving rise to all manifestation.

Is there a way to put this all together?

The TM technique allows us to contact the unmanifest level of life, the field of pure awareness, pure Being, deep within ourselves. Simply by contacting this field on a regular basis puts us more and more in tune with the ultimate Source of all that is.

Jesus came preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God (Mk 1:14-15; Mt:4:17; Lk 4:43), giving a key of knowledge for entering the kingdom (Lk 11:52), revealing the essence of who we are in God (John 1:4, 9, 12-13), and interceding for us, that we may come to realize oneness with God (John 17:20-23). The Apostle Paul recognized that Jesus had revealed the mystery that had been hidden from ages and generations, the mystery of Christ in us (Col 1:26-27).

Now, 2000 years later, ancient knowledge that facilitates our connecting with the Source has once again been revived. It is being brought out in its own unique language, in the form of Maharishi Vedic Science with its practical aspect, the Transcendental Meditation technique. The TM technique is not a religion and is practiced by people of all religious traditions. Direct experience of the Source within ourselves gives us a greater appreciation of the scriptures of our respective traditions.

You are welcome to join us here at TM Christians, as we explore the TM program in Christian lifestyles.

May you be blessed.


*Words marked with an asterisk (*) are included on the Glossary page.

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